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Young man working from home with computer and phoneStarting a small business, or a micro-business, can be a great career move that also helps you earn more money on top of a full-time job’s salary.

Of course it means more work, but the extra cash and professional experience could go a long way toward financial stability over the long term. I’m toying with the idea myself (until I can make decent bucks from this blog, natch).

I recently wrote “Side Businesses You Can Start for Extra Cash” for Yahoo! Small Business Advisor (where I work full-time), and I learned some great tips and even more possibilities for starting my own side business.

After publishing the article, I learned of a two more ideas worth looking into:

JustAnswer – You can register to become an expert and then answer queries related to your field of expertise for a fee. The certification process is pretty involved, but the opportunity exists for all types of professions, from veterinarians and auto mechanics to lawyers and tech-support gurus. If your expertise is legit, why not build this into your spare time and increase your income?

oDesk – This option is great for freelancers. You can create a profile that describes your expertise and sets your rates and specs for work. The profile will then show up as a possible match when employers search the site for contracting gigs. The potential for income with minimal marketing outlay is hard to beat.

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I am an experienced writer, editor, and spokesman, and this blog is about my career journey, job-hunting advice, and random musings. The views presented here are solely mine.
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