Unusual job-search tip saved me an interview

Checking spam can help a job searchI’ve never been in the habit of checking my email spam folder – until I entered the Jobless Zone.

My job search had progressed nearly three months before I discovered that a week-old request for an interview was sitting in my spam folder. I would never have known if a contact at the company hadn’t mentioned to me that her colleague had never heard back from me.

Key job-search lesson for everyone: Check your spam folder daily.

Since then I’ve had two other important emails related to my job hunt land in the spam folder.

I’m not blaming my email provider. I remember the days before spam folders, and I don’t miss daily weeding through dozens of shady offers for vicodin, cialis, and boosters that will enlarge my manhood.

I guess I just never considered – until now – that those spam filters make mistakes that can jeopardize a job search. It’s an important lesson I learned in the Jobless Zone, and I hope other job seekers won’t make the same mistake.

BTW, I didn’t get that job, but at least it’s not because I blew off the interview.

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