Jobless Zone: what I’ve done so far

After a layoff, so many elements of time and reality shift; it’s like I’ve been pushed into another realm. The Jobless Zone! Where it’s hard to tell what weekday it is and where stopping for a latte becomes a decision fraught with little anxieties. (“Do I really need a Venti? OK, but that may be your lunch.”)

Mom and meSo many people advised taking a break after getting laid off, which I didn’t do 5 years ago when I got laid off from PlanetOut. But this time I’m determined to change it up.

One of the first things I did after entering the Jobless Zone was to reschedule my mother’s visit to San Francisco (from Cleveland). We had to cancel last October due to illness, and now was a great time since I wouldn’t have to worry about taking off work.

Fortunately my mom is very agreeable in that she doesn’t require fancy excursions; she lives on a fixed income and knows how to have fun on the cheap. So we had a wonderful time strolling through parks, window-shopping on Fillmore Street, and lunching at inexpensive sidewalk cafes where we could watch city life going by. (And we were blessed with record warm temperatures and no rain.)

I also have wonderful friends with whom we socialized at house parties. She got to see different parts of the Bay Area and had fun with my friends, who were terrific at making her feel welcome.

Mom with me and a few friendsAnd during the five days of her visit, I rarely thought about not having a job. It was a great break for me!

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